– Thanks for writing. I’m happy to help, and the beauty of it is, my Pay What You Like Sale is still in effect. Seriously. 

Here’s the info on ordering:

Personalized CDs are handled through Paypal, Venmo or Zelle, (use this address ) or you can send a check, money order, or even cash. You can use a credit card, via Paypal, if you desire. The suggested cost is $20 USD, plus $4 for shipping within the United States, but send whatever amount you feel comfortable with. I want you to have it more than I want to gouge money out of you. The shipping cost for 3 or 4 copies is the same as for one. For shipping outside the US, it will just plain cost a hefty amount. Postage has gone way up in the last year, and we’re gettin’ squeezed from all sides.  

For Canada, it costs $17.00 USD for shipping. Shipping to the UK & Europe costs around $18 to $20 USD, depending on the country. Shipping to Japan costs $18.95. New Zealand is $15.25

Anything close to those amounts will work. Send whatever makes sense to you. Anything you can afford. I will happily send the album.

The address to use at Paypal, Venmo or Zelle is crangleman@gmail.comPlease use the Pay Friends or Family option, so we avoid any extra fees.

The albums can be signed, if you like. Please include any instructions. 

Be sure to send your address, and please let me know that it arrived intact.

Digital downloads can be arranged, without too much trouble. Again, pay whatever you like.

Let me know if there are any problems with this. If Paypal is not your thing, let me know. A check, money order or even cash could be mailed to PO Box 341537 Austin TX 78734