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Tightening of the Screws

  • Release 2021

Track List

  1. Touch You Inside
  2. My Prison
  3. A Better Place
  4. Blood on the Page
  5. A Matter of Time
  6. Daddy Longlegs
  7. The Pulse Is Primal
  8. Lost in the Shuffle
  9. Lowdown Dismal Blues
  10. Comin’ Back to Haunt Me


From The Other Side Of The World

Gurf – I listened to your new album again today while driving.
Kiss Of The Diamondback is a slightly philosophical exercise for me, and I certainly mean that in a good way. Some songs are so personal that I almost feel like I’ve stepped into your house without knocking.
But then I realize that you actually invited me in.
Your songs are not the easy, pleasing kind, and I like that. It takes a deeper listen to get to the core of them, and taking time to listen is a healthy exercise in itself. 
So you could say that I’ve been meditating on your songs a bit.
What I experience:
Less is more.
A heartfelt longing for peace of mind.
Recognition in seeing the beauty of imperfection and scars.
Subtle irony along with hard learned lessons in love.
Muddy and watery guitars that make me feel apropriatley uncomfortable.
Musings on transience and death.
Relief that someone on the other side of the planet feels things the same way I do.
Thanks Gurf!!
Keep the brave and honest flag waving…