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Cold, Cold World

Blaze Foley

  • Label Lost Art Records

Track List

  1. Cold, Cold World
  2. No Goodwill Stores in Waikiki
  3. In The Misty Garden/I Should Have Been Home With You
  4. Picture Cards
  5. Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries
  6. Small Town Hero
  7. Baby Can I Crawl Back To You?
  8. Wouldn’t That Be Nice?
  9. Slow Boat to China
  10. Election Day
  11. Rainbows and Ridges
  12. Christian Lady Talkin’ On A Bus
  13. Faded Loves & Memories
  14. Getting’ Over You
  15. New Wave Blues
  16. Officer Norris
  17. Why Do You Treat Me Thisaway

Cold, Cold World captures Blaze Foley and his working band – the Beaver Valley Boys – from their first Texas studio recordings dating from 1979 and 1980. It’s Blaze and the band – anchored by the renowned Gurf Morlix.