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  • Release 2022

Track List

  1. I Dig Your Crazy Brain
  2. Caveman
  3. Mud Bugs
  4. Snake Pit
  5. Crash All Night
  6. Where the Lost Are Found
  7. Hodgepodge
  8. 1959
  9. Fork in the Road
  10. Make Me Your monkey

This is a truly unique release from the prolific and poetic Gurf Morlix, producer of iconic records by Ray Wylie Hubbard, Lucinda Williams, Mary Gauthier, Slaid Cleaves, Robert Earl Keen and more, as well as his own catalog of chart-topping Americana albums. Caveman resonates a different tone than the usual Gurf Morlix fare. A question that often comes up with the release of a Morlix CD is, “what’s the body-count on this one, Gurf?”

He is known for songs containing a dark backdrop, a narrative that has the feel of going down a dark and unfamiliar road… but Caveman is different…No doubt the title song is inspired by the isolation of the pandemic lockdown, and Morlix uses it to reflect a humorous view of what it’s like to be left to oneself. With titles like I Dig Your Crazy Brain, Mud Bugs, and Make Me Your Monkey, we certainly see a different, though not surprising side of this Austin TX troubadour. The collection could even be called light—and one might even laugh out loud! (Well, except for the ominous and eerie Where the Lost Are Found).

No worries though – this album is different, but what fans love about Morlix remains the same – creative and skillful instrumentation, the best of session musicians, and songwriting that weaves tales that are irresistible.