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Birth to Boneyard

  • Release 2008

Track List

  1. Killin’ Time In Texas
  2. Madalyn’s Bones
  3. Food, Water, Shelter & Love
  4. Blanket
  5. Diamonds To Dust
  6. With God On Our Site
  7. I’ve Got A Passion
  8. Windows Open, Windows Close
  9. Up Against It
  10. Worth Dyin’ For
  11. I Need You Now

This album might sound a little familiar. That’s right. These are the songs from Diamonds To Dust, Gurf’s critically acclaimed album from 2007. But this is an instrumental album. Gurf removed the vocals and replaced them with sounds – samples of monks chanting, odd swirly ambiances, slide guitar, weird keyboards, etc The interesting and evocative textures create a unique aural soundscape. Very cinematic. Open your mind and let this music fill some space.