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Eatin’ At Me

  • Release 2015

Track List

  1. Dirty Old Buffalo
  2. Grab the Wheel
  3. Elephant’s Graveyard
  4. Orphan Tears
  5. The Dog I Am
  6. 50 Years
  7. Dinah
  8. Last Call
  9. Born In Lackawanna
  10. Blue Smoke

“Gurf Morlix; Eatin’ At Me: tone..5 stars, groove..5 stars, lyrics..5 stars, art..5 stars, coolness..5 stars, somewhat jaded badass attitude..5 stars, sonic quality..5 stars..everything..5 stars. you get the it, dig it, improve your life” – Ray Wylie Hubbard

“Gurf Morlix’s new release Eatin At Me is a big hearted collection of beautiful songs that are driven by his trademark gut bucket meaty guitar playing and down-to-the-bone production style. Gurf’s always been one of my musical heroes, and this record will deepen his legacy as a writer, singer, player and producer whose work reaches into the depths of what is true, what is real and what is important in American roots music. Bravo, well done, hurray!” – Mary Gauthier

“Eatin’ at Me” is very evocative. Layered with dust and desperation. Deep stuff… like a letter from an old lost friend. Gurf puts every ounce of his being into every album he makes.” – Buddy Miller

“Gurf Morlix’ new CD is Eatin’ at Me (in a good way). Gurf is a poet of despair and his poetry is made of sound, wit, and fury. He takes the worst of human nature and brings it alive through the best of human nature. He’ll also make you laugh. And the last line of the album will break your heart.” – Sybil Rosen, Author